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"Flash" by Chellesie B. Dancer
Dropping the envelope in the corner mailbox at 1am to avoid the prying eyes of downstairs neighbors, he heard a click-clack behind him. He turned to see a long-legged figure sauntering down the quiet street in an overcoat and strappy black high heels. Since the lovely blond met his eye, he took a more

"All I Want for Christmas"

"All I Want for Christmas" by Roz Lee
If she heard one more rendition of Sleigh Ride, Holly vowed to wrap a string of sleigh bells around her neck and put herself out of her misery. Not a nice thought to be having the week before Christmas, but she hadn’t had a nice thought in weeks. She and fought back the ever-present tears. She hadn’t heard from Bryce since Black Friday when he’d managed to Skype her for a few minutes from his base in Iraq. She’d gone over and over the conversation in her mind, trying to find some hint that would explain his total silence more